About Bob...

This site is now Deprecated! You can find a new version at acbobthecat

Hello! I'm the site creator.

Image of me, in a reduced colour profile.

And i'm not actually called Bob.. (It's a screen name that i developed rather recently.)

My real name, i shan't reveal, so you can call me it for now though.

I will, however, reveal some other details about myself.

For starters; What music i like.

I like a variety of music, from ElectroSwing to Classical, so it's easier to list off a few bands/content creators that i enjoy listening to. (You'll find my favourite song from them as a link, to youtube.(this brings in the ethical questions of copyright abuse, by me providing you links to these but.. ignore that.))

As you could tell by the shortness of the list, it was very difficult to think of specific bands/creators that i enjoy.

Much of the music i listen to is from "One-trick ponies", where-in i only enjoy a couple of their songs, and not their general band. (bad description, but you get the point.)

Now that's out the way, we can talk about other stuff

Such as Favourite Games;

Now this is a list-able task.

Note: Each item will link to the best (from my point of view) possible homepage.

Note: Not in any specific order.